Beer: Hobsons Twisted Spire

Beer. As I’m virtually unable to walk at the moment I think a beer is in order, can’t do much harm. Twisted Spire is light, fresh and at 3.6% a session beer!



Review: Rhodes 24

We are back! So to get back into the blog I thought the way to do it is with a Michelin starred establishment Rhodes 24

The occasion dinner with my mate James Hughes something that occurs a few times a year. This time it was his turn to pick the restaurant and pay. Bonus! So the location on the 24th floor of the old NatWest tower in the City gives it some immense views across London town.

We had a couple of cocktails, mine a Pear Bellini this was for a pear lover like me was fantastic. For starters we both had Mackerel with baby leaks, chestnut mushrooms and mackerel foam. This was a stunning little starter, beautifully cooked and presented.

For main I had fillet steak, maderia gravy and truffle macaroni cheese. This was a totally stunning main, the steak was well cooked bang on medium rare and truffle macaroni cheese – speechless it was amazing


.James had Duck breast, seared foie gras and duck pancake. He seemed very pleased with this

We both had the trio of desserts to follow. This included Bread and Butter pudding, a treacle and date sponge and a jaffa cake. The bread and butter was world class!


Overall we rated it in top five places we have visited. Sloe Gin means that we struggle to name them all! The food was excellent, the wine very good and the views spectacular. It is really pricey but for a special occasion it is worth saving up.

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Review: La Petite Auberge

Friday was an awesome evening out with Mr Rob Parker and Mr Max Curzon-Hope. We visited the Sampler wine merchants, sampled many wines and the popped into La Petite Auberge

We only had a steak and saute potatoes so its not a mega review. But for an award winning restaurant the steak was poor, over cooked and the diane sauce loose lacking mushrooms!

The company however was outstanding, the wine satisfactory and the mandatory calvados welcome.

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Lunch: Pret Posh Cheddar and Pickle Artisan Baguette

Another Pret artisan baguette today, This one was posh cheddar and pickle. The first bit of news is that posh it may be but the cheese is limited. They were hardly great hulks of cheese which would benefit this sarnie! The cheese was ok, but not robust. The pickle was very sweet as were the roasted tomatoes, they added some nice balance. There was red onion included but it was not intense enough to add the sharpness that was needed. But overall it was good, Id buy it again.

The fact is was veggie also pulled the cost in to! 

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Lunch: Pret Chorizo and Rocket on artisan

So a new topic for the blog: Lunchtime and sandwiches. Over the coming weeks Ill be giving you the low down on a range of sandwiches provided by the major players in the lunchtime market as well as some more local entries.

Today I went for Prets Chorizo and Rocket on artisan. Before I had even left the shop the guy serving me had given me chapter and verse. He rated it as better than the previous year’s attempt. He was Spanish and said that he struggled to contemplate the addition of mayo with chorizo.

Bread was fine, the artisan baguette is normally so, although artisan seems a stupid way of saying granary. Filling wise the chorizo doesnt really taste of much. There is no kick from it so it’s a little disappointing. The peppers stop it being dry and do add some flavour. The mayo I agree with the guy who served me adds nothing and the same with the sparse amount of cheese too. Overall its fine, but nothing special.

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Recipe: Salmon, Creme Fraiche Pasta

We had got some salmon out of the freezer last night and needed to come up with a recipe. Creme fraiche seemed a classic combo so I came up with a recipe. Serves 4.

Ingredients: 2 salmon fillets, 350g dried pasta, 2 handfuls of peas, 8 tbs creme fraiche, juice of a lemon, 2tsp chopped parsley, parmesan.

1) Pre heat your oven to 180c. Season the salmon and bake for 15/20mins. Flake the salmon when cooked.

2) Cook your pasta according to your packet instructions with 4mins left add the peas.

3) To the cooked pasta and peas add the salmon an mix in the creme fraiche and parsley. Add enough lemon juice to season, about 6tsps.

4) Finish with some parmesan and serve.

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Beer: Bath Ales Golden Hare

Bath Ales is one of my all time favorite breweries. Their beers “Gem” and “Barnstormer” are great! We’ve reviewed Barnstormer on the blog before.

Tonight I’m sampling Golden Hare, their “full flavoured light ale”. Its both refreshing with a nice bitter finish. An ABV of 4.4% keeps it in the “you can have more than one of these” levels!

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Flat White Test: Flat Cap Stall

Mr Rob Parker is a man who know’s his coffee. This week we popped round the corner from our offices to discuss matters of state and drink some coffee. We went to the Flat Cap Stall in Strutton Ground SW1P 2HR.

Rob enjoyed his expresso – but its all about the flat white. The Flat Cap stall serve two types, normal and treble.

I opted for a trebble, Here are the scores on the doors:

Coffee intensity: 9 great, helped by a thumping 3rd espresso no doubt!

Foam: 8 dense, thick, all good

Sweetness: 7 nearly so nearly there!!

Price: £2.35

Of all the ones I’ve tried so far its by far the best!!!

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Review: Strada

Hannah and I have had a Daddy and daughter day out. After going to a kids theatre we popped into Strada next to City Hall for some lunch.

We both had some bread sticks wrapped with Parma ham. Good ham, poor bread sticks, really soft. Hannah then had the kids pasta bolognese. As you can see she got into quite a mess with it and ate it all. I tried a bit. It was fine.

I went way out. Seriously for me I didn’t just go for my normal thing! I went for king prawn and courgette risotto from their specials menu. The risotto was al dente with just that bit of bite. The prawns sweet and just a hint of chilli passing though to finish it. I really enjoyed it.

Service was swift and efficient and really good with Miss Jones. Nice lunch!

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Recipe: Courgette Bhaji

So something veggie today.  This was a total Timmy made up one, I’m pretty pleased with it.

Ingredients: 1 small onion, 1 big courgette, 4 cloves of garlic, 4 green cardamon pods, 4 cloves, 1tsp mustard seeds, 2 tomatoes chopped, 1tsp of coriander powder, 1tsp cumin powder, 0.5 tsp turmeric powder, 3tbs veg oil.

1) Half the courgette and slice into half rings. Finely chop the onion and garlic.

2) Add the oil to a large pan and heat. Add the cardamon pods, mustard seeds and cloves and wait until they splutter.

3) Add the onion and garlic and soft. Add the courgettes and soften and then the tomatoes and powdered spices.

4) Cook for 5/10 mins.

I served ours with tomato rice tonight.

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